6512 Vs. Current Code

on Fri, Aug 17, 2007 in development

Below is a side by side of a toolpath using the Jeff Demand Reference Model. The total area of the shots is probably a couple of mm so the details you’re looking at are very small. Both are using the same tolerance value, .025mm or about .001”. Obviously, the paths are much better in the latest code. The main change is that I reduced the amount of point reduction in the toolpaths relative to the tolerance value so that the gains from the new toolpath code are not thrown away at the very end. For an equal tolerance value the next release will generate a larger gcode file.


Just remember to reevaluate the values you typically use for the tolerance parameter when the next release comes out. I’m just fixing a few bugs and I still have to investigate the waterline problems that people have reported before the next release

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