Build 6908

on Fri, Apr 25, 2008 in development

I just uploaded build 6908 to . The biggest change is to the pencil and waterline code. I hope everyone will find it to be an improvement but I do probably have one more round of changes to finish it up.

More than anything I want to this out for testing since I need to get something ready for a stable release soon. The refinement code is so much better than the last October release it really bugs me to only make it available in a beta release.

You can now check for updates with the Help->Check for Updates command. I’ll be curious to see if it works well for everyone- maybe I won’t announce even the next version here, only in the check for updates command. If the check for updates command seems error free then the next version will probably run it on startup every 5-10 runs or so. I can hear some of you starting to type an, “Are you going to let us turn that off?” comment but the answer is likely to be, “no.” MeshCAM is always in a state of change and I think it’s important to keep people running the latest builds.

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