Found an Old Bug

on Mon, Sep 21, 2009 in development

I had a case today, one one of the few times I get to use MeshCAM for a real project, where I had a metric STL file and I was using my normal Mach 3-Inch post processor. The intention all along had been that MeshCAM would have done the mm-to-inch conversion work without user intervention when saving the gcode. I was surprised when my mill tried to jog the X axis 185 inches to the right- this was obviously broken.

I ended up finding a bug that eliminated the units read from the post processor config file and just set them to match the geometry. I think this has probably been broken for a while and I’m surprised that nobody noticed this when it occurred. I assumed that more people would be working in a mixed-unit workflow but I guess I assumed wrong. Maybe they found it to be broken but just assumed this was the intended behavior. I’m always shocked when a fundamental bug goes unnoticed- especially when it means I may have spent time building a feature that nobody appears to be using.

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