Good Optimizing Progress

on Mon, Aug 13, 2007 in development

I just finished testing today’s optimizations on the “Jeff Demand Reference Model.” Jeff sent me a 27MB STL file with >500k triangles over a very small area about 60mm x 20mm. With the parameters that he initially provided the toolpath calculation time was over 3000 seconds- obviously way too much. After a lot of optimizing I’ve gotten it to about 1200 seconds (about 20 minutes). It’s still too much but it’s a great improvement and if I can cut it in half again then I’d be happy. Once I get everything as tight as I can then I can enable multitreading to take advantage of the multicore CPUs that everyone has not. The ZMap-based code did not lend itself to multithreading but the new code is perfect for it.

Expect a new test release in the next few days with the more correct and faster code in it.

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