I Need 2D DXF Files

on Fri, Feb 05, 2010 in development

The title says it all. I’m adding some features that will require the loading of 2D DXF files and I need to get an assortment to be able to test my code. All CAD programs tend to do things a little differently and DXF files are really a pain in my experience as a CAD user. Ideally, I would like the following:

  1. A small file with some lines, arcs, circles, and maybe a freeform curve.
  2. The files should only have a few entities so I can debug it manually if I have to.
  3. The curves should be converted to polylines on save.
  4. Please name with file something based on the name of the CAD program and the settings used to generate it. For instance rhino4-acad2004polylines.dxf if it were from Rhino with the “Autocad 2004 Polylines” save option.

Thanks in advance.

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