New Roughing Progress

on Tue, Jan 13, 2009 in development

I have the roughing simulation code working pretty well and tested to the degree that I can so far. I’ve updated the display code to let the color of the toolpath vary depending on the feedrate so the new data can be visualized. Now I just have to redo the roughing code to take advantage of all of this.

Just to set expectations early, this is not going to be a complete 3D simulation of the machining process so no attempt is made to find the “optimal feedrate”. This new code is an attempt at solving 80% of the roughing feedrate problem with the least computing time and memory required. Once I get it running we’ll have some idea how good it will be.

Based on all of your feedback I’ve made the last release an “official release” available on the main download page. Thanks for all the help getting to this point.

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