New Supports

on Wed, Dec 05, 2007 in development

The next thing in the list to be updated is the code for adding supports to the geometry. I didn’t know how many people were using them until recently so they had not received much attention. I spent some time redoing part of the code to make them applicable to any type of machine job- not just 2-side jobs. The support changes probably won’t take too long but it dovetails into some other changes I wanted to make to optimize the machining regions. I’m going to try adding a way to machine only the area covered by the model + the tool diameter- not just the bounding area but a free-form polygon that would be automatically calculated. This eliminates the need to define the frame dimensions for 2-side jobs. In theory this should not take that long but who knows.

I’ve also been looking at Solidworks lately so I tried a small UI change. I like it so it’ll probably stay. You’ll also see a new tree view on the left. It’s just dead text right now but I’m going to flesh that out more and see if I like it as a UI to let users see a complete view of the document.


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