Next Release Soon

on Tue, Sep 08, 2009 in development

I think I found the bug that has been holding back my next release.  Some users may have seen crashing when using certain models with the new offset roughing.  The crashes were repeatable but would come and go as the machining parameters were changed.  The problem was in the third-party library I’ve been using but it was my fault- I changed a parameter (a floating point epsilon for the programmers out there)  with the intention of making everything more robust.  I obviously failed and have now put the parameter value closer to where it should be.  Since I didn’t write the code I have had to spend time to learn about its behavior when given the complicated real-world data that MeshCAM generates.  Overall it has still been better than writing in on my own but it’s not as drag-and-drop as I would have liked.

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