Optimization Goal Reached

on Thu, Aug 16, 2007 in development

Over the past few hours I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of what takes so long in the new code. Specifically, the Jeff D reference model has been enlightening as I’ve reviewed the reams of data generated during a toolpath calculation. Given the hugely dense model, it turned out that I needed a way to make many of the triangles go away if I wanted to speed it up. I was able to come up with a final optimization that removed a lot of triangles without reducing accuracy in any significant way ( I won’t go into details but it’s not obvious). In Jeff’s model this led to a reduction of about 30% in the triangle count. Also, I tweaked all of the variables that define how much to reduce the points in a toolpath and when to subdivide the path. The bottom line is that I’ve reduced the toolpath calculation time from a starting point a week ago of something like 3000 seconds to 576 seconds. Additionally, the toolpaths look much better when viewed close up. With Jeff’s permission I’ll post a few photos.

People with “normal” models will also benefit from the optimizations but I don’t think you’ll see a 6x improvement.

I was about to post a new version and I noticed a bug in the tool rack dialog where the taper angle may not be shown. I think I’m going to fix that tomorrow and get the dialog to show the units of the dimensions. I never noticed the difficulty of finding the right tool when you have moth metric and English mills defined. I’m still shooting for a Friday night release… maybe the weekend if I run into problems.

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