Performance Improvements

on Tue, Aug 04, 2009 in development

Two users, Jeff and Robert, have sent me files that, for different reasons, cause MeshCAM lots of trouble. This has caused me to dig into MeshCAM with a performance profiler and see what can be done. So far I’ve found a few spots that gave immediate increases with only a line or two of code changed. I cannot imagine how these changes can cause large improvements in speed but they have. I’m seeing 10-15% better performance for the finishing code.

I’ve also been attacking memory usage which is a problem for these files. When I started MeshCAM five years ago the largest file users would enquire about was about 7 megs. At the time precision was more of a problem so I used double precision internally to represent the triangle data. Now the files are pushing 70 megs so I’ve had to go back to standard precision. This should not cause any accuracy degradation in the toolpath and is no longer needed by MeshCAM internally because my code has become robust enough to allow less precision and still work well. In the days of gigabytes of memory this optimization may not be a big deal but this was as good a time as any to address the issue since I’ve made vast changes internally in the last week. It will help on the edge cases and not hurt any normal case.

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