Persistent Bug Found

on Wed, Apr 23, 2008 in development

I haven’t posted much here lately because I’ve had no progress lately. I had a horrible bug that took about 10 days to find. In retrospect it should have been easier but I always say that after finding a big one. Theoretically the compiler should have generated a warning that my typo was probably a very bad idea but it never made a peep. Visual Studio is generally very good but it failed totally this time. It turned out to be a simple fix and I now have even newer pencil and waterline code.

In the course of testing the waterline code I was able to find a test case that generated bad toolpaths using a flat endmill. I had seen it before but I could only so it with a 20000 polygon file which is very difficult to debug. I think I know where the bug is but I’m still tracking it down.

I also started coding a “Check for Updates” command. This seemed like busy work but I’ve finally come to accept that it’s a must-have. It’s a shame to keep updating the program and not have everyone benefit from the changes- especially given that I depend heavily on word-of-mouth to bring people in.

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