The Ripples Continue...

on Thu, Mar 27, 2008 in development

The waves of change created from the toolpath refinement updates have now hit the waterline and pencil code. The code that pieced together the waterline and pencil paths was written for the old refinement code and, as Adam demonstrated, left something to be desired with the new refinement code. It turned out to be a < 1 minute fix after tracking down the problem. The photo below shows the output- note the smooth output and the lack of little path segments.


Jay pointed out some unintended changes to the roughing code. It turned out that the new polyline simplification code was doing something funny to the outline contours. I reverted to the old code until I can sort out the problem in more detail. Thinking about that problem led to the thought that encouraging people to use a larger tolerance value because of better finishing code will lead to lower-quality roughing paths. To equalize this I increased the internal quality settings for the roughing to make them better for a given tolerance value. hopefully this will make the roughing and finishing quality more on par with each other.

Randy’s pleas for a better place for the MeshCAM shortcut have been recognized. I updated to the new Microsoft-preferred location of putting the program directly under Start->Programs and using Add/remove programs for the uninstaller- no more uninstall link in the start menu.

I can’t duplicate Jeffs bad x-size problem. I need to reinstall Rhino on my laptop so I can investigate further.

I uploaded resulting update to .

The todo list before the next public release is:

1) Update manual

2) Add warnings for excessive tolerance values (with the option to not be warned in the future)

3) Find Jeffs x-size problem

If I’m missing anything big please let me know- I probably lost the email.

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