V3 Updates and Forum Trouble

on Tue, Jul 28, 2009 in development

Some have noticed that the forum was telling them they were banned permanently. This was a problem that popped up when I was upgrading to a new version and has been fixed. For anyone interested I would recommend against using phpbb for any forum. It makes simple things hard and hard things impossible.

I have been working on the ability to save jobs for a few days. So far so good but it required many more changes than I ever anticipated. I had an architecture where a new file would trigger little bits of code to fire off all over the program to set the stock, zero, etc. because I never planned on all of that to be loaded with the geometry. It took a few days to find all of the little bits of code that interact and eliminate them. It seemed like a good idea 4 or 5 years ago.

The streamlining of code is great- I think it will be a big benefit moving forward. The new .MCF file handlers are about 90% done so I’m probably about a week or two from release. I have a few reported bugs to dig into before that point.

I also added the ability to drag files into the wind to open them. This should have been about 20 lines of code but it took half a day to make work. It turns out that drag and drop will fail in Vista and Windows 7 if you drag from a normal permission window (Windows Explorer) to an administrator window (MeshCAM running under Visual Studio). It fails silently so it just appears to be broken. It’s probably good to torture programmers with this type of thing so they remain sympathetic to their users.

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