Version 3 Done, Version 4 Started

on Tue, May 11, 2010 in development

I was planning on taking a month or two off after finishing V3 but I ended up jumping right into V4 later in the day. I’ve managed to get the following items done so far:

  • Changed to a new version of my threading library

  • Made waterline toolpath direction consistent- currently climb milling

  • Added timeout to beta releases

  • Added “Append as Check Surface” to file menu

  • Draw supports in red

  • Added busy dialog when saving job

  • Changed source control system

So far the todo list contains another 32 items to get done before release. A few of those are internal and will never be seen by users but the rest should be pretty good.

The current plan is to try and complete V4 as quickly as possible and not let it linger for another year like V3 did. I hope to have the first work-in-progress out in the next month or two. The betas will have a timer to run for 60 or 90 days so they don’t end up out in the world forever. The work-in-progress releases will function with current license codes but the final V4 release will be a paid upgrade. The cost will be minimal and anyone who purchases from today forward will get a free upgrade. I’ll probably backdate that a month or so just to make sure no one feels cheated.

I’ll share more of the todo list when I get my priorities worked out. Until then, let me know if you have any pet features you’d like to see in V4. I can’t promise that they will make it into the final product but I promise that all requests will be considered.

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