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on Sun, Aug 10, 2008 in development

I haven’t posted much here but there has been a lot of work lately-

  1. Updated wxWidgets to 2.8.7

  2. Added wxLua so the GUI can be written in scripts without recompiling the program.

  3. Updated the manual system to allow easier translation.

  4. Added an exclusive distributor for Italy.

  5. Added a reseller of a rebranded version of MeshCAM. They sell 3d clipart and want to provide a “turnkey” solution.

  6. Added support for multiple languages in MeshCAM. German and Italian should be available soon, Spanish sometime after that.

  7. Added a new testing framework- Google Test

  8. Added a whole new build system to allow greater automation and flexibility in the build process.

  9. Fixed a bunch of interface quirks pointed out by Moriarty in the user forums.

  10. Cleaning up the version control crud that has built up over the past few years.

People who have been users for a long time will notice that the release cycle tends to be very uneven. I spend a while doing a bunch of plumbing with only a few releases followed by rapid releases of new features and bug fixes. The goal of the work above is to clear out the todo list of many of the boring tasks so that I am able to push everything forward quickly.

I am waiting for translation files from my distributors before the next release. After I get them and test everything I’ll post a release here for review and then, hopefully, I can release it as MeshCAM 2, call “done” and move on to MeshCAM 3. That version change doesn’t have much meaning for users- it has more to do with my need to have a more stable release schedule like the rest of the market.

What I would like to get more feedback on are quirks that have annoyed you over time. Moriarty has outlined a bunch in the development section of the forum and I’d like to get more knocked off in the next few weeks. I can’t promise that everything will be fixed in the short term ( some have deep reasons that take time to address) but I would like to know what you think.

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