ZMap Elimination

on Mon, Nov 24, 2008 in development

There is only part of the program that uses the old ZMap code from the original MeshCAM- the parallel roughing. I started making changes today to eliminate it completely. I think it will take a few more days and then it should work. This will have two benefits- memory and speed. The old ZMap code used a lot of memory for each point that was calculated. For most cases this didn’t matter too much but lately I’ve been trying to squeeze every byte from the machining process to make the whole thing scale to larger and more complicated jobs. On a moderately complicated jobs this could be a hundred megs or more saved if everything works out. Second, I was inspired the other day when I got that big speedup in finishing paths. This could be an equal improvement for roughing. It also allows me to use multiple cores to compute the surface offset.

If it works then I’ll put out a release with the speedups pretty soon. I haven’t gotten any show stopping feedback about the last beta so I think I’m in good shape.

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