MeshCAM 7151

on Thu, Nov 13, 2008 in releases

I just uploaded MeshCAM 7151 to . You will not find it in the check for updates feature of the last few versions because I only want people to try the latest after reading this message. This is a transition release as I wrap up V2 and begin V3. I made a number of SIGNIFICANT changes including a new installer and the app is now compiled in Unicode to support multiple languages. Win98 is now unsupported, even though it was never explicitly supported, since Unicode is not available there. I made literally thousands of changes to make this possible and I’ve been using it in my shop without errors. There are a good handful of other fixes as well. I will be curious to hear what your feedback is. Please tell me if this one worked or didn’t for you.

Why should you try this release and not just wait for the next one (other than me begging)? I really need your help and every bit of feedback I get will make more more sure that I’m ready to call this the final V2 (after some new translation files from my foreign distributors) and move on to V3. As of right now I have the following items underway on V3:

1) The ability to save an image as 3D in either an efficient or fast manner. Efficient will do the current triangulation method that can take quite a while. Fast will just use 2 triangles for each pixel and do it quickly and with very high accuracy.

2) Better 3D zoom. This will zoom into the current mouse position as you spin the mouse wheel. It should would very closely to Rhino or other CAD programs.

3) Option to calculate the machining time when inspecting the toolpath.

4) Antialiased 3d window. No special graphics card needed.

5) Ability to save the current job including the STL files after translation/rotation, supports and check surfaces, stock, program zero, stock type, job type. There are other things hidden in there to support future options as well.

As a reminder, all current users will get a free upgrade to V3. V3 betas will become available after I can stamp V2 “Done.”

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