MeshCAM V3 Build 3 is Ready!

on Wed, Jul 08, 2009 in releases

I just uploaded the first public V3 build. The V2 build doesn’t know about version numbers (I didn’t think far enough ahead) so it will not find the new build using the “Check for Updates.” Go to and grab it there.

I made some UI changes like removing the log window and locking the side panel. Some will not like this but it will become important as I begin to move more the UI from separate dialog windows to the dock on the left.

I increased the toolpath accuracy thresholds somewhat since it helps the roughing. This slows down the toolpath code slightly but I figure that computers have gotten a bunch faster since that toolpath code was introduced and this will be used for the next few years so it’s worth bumping it up cash in on that extra CPU performance.

Some of the vertical jags showed back up in the roughing and I realized that some of this is due to the nature of the 3D roughing. Since it is looking at a “thick slice” of the geometry it can catch the edge of the geometry and cause the tool to lift. There are a few that are not geometry-related that I need to spend more time on.

Let me know how it works for you.

UPDATE: Jeff just pointed out that I forgot to mention that V3 keeps the data it needs in a different registry key than V2. This was done to allow you to keep V2 and V3 both without interference. Because of this you will have to reenter your registration code in V3 the first time you use it.

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