V4 Build 19

on Fri, Aug 27, 2010 in releases

I am in the process of uploading a new V4 build to fix a problem that I’ve seen before but I didn’t know exactly how to replicate until today. There was a bug where the waterline path linker could run the tool into uncut stock if the “Machine Geometry +” was used with the right type of model. It’s tough to describe so I’ll post some pictures below:

This one shows where the bad links are:


This is the 3D view of the same path. You have to imagine that the stock is not machined between the spokes because the outline of the part was used as the machine boundary

badlinkdetail .

The code will now check to see if the path crosses the ambient area before linking two paths without a retract:


This bug required a lot of specific things to be present before it would cause trouble. Unfortunately, when it did manage to show up, the results could have been a broken tool. This is a really good fix.

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