Version 3 Build 4

on Wed, Jul 15, 2009 in releases

I just uploaded a new version of the V3 beta to . If you have V3 already the Check for Updates will find the new version.

This is not a major release, just a handful of changes to polish a few of the rough edges. The only one you need to know about ahead of time is the icon placement. Randy mentioned that the icon was in the root of the start menu rather than in the programs directory. This bug got introduced when I changes installers a few months ago and I didn’t notice. The new installer will put it it in the right location but you’ll have to uninstall the current version to remove the icon that is there now. Not a big deal but be sure to do it if the icon placement has been bothering you.

The next big update should add the ability to save MeshCAM files with the geometry, stock, supports, etc. in one file. This is about 30% done and I don’t think it will be a real difficult one to complete.

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