Version 4 Upgrade Policy

on Wed, Oct 20, 2010 in releases

The version posted yesterday is likely to be the last before the “official” first release of V4 in about a week. That current version has a 60 day timeout and no limitation on registration codes. Please try it out and give me any feedback you can.

In an email about a month ago I said that any license purchased after 1/1/10 would be valid for V4, licenses prior to that would require an upgrade. Sometime after that email I realized that I told a bunch of people that there would be a minimum of 1 year of updates. In light of that, I’ve changed the cutoff date to 10/15/09. Any license purchased after that will work with V4, anything before will require an upgrade.

Any MeshCAM Art license will work with V4 regardless of the date purchased.

I put the upgrade page up at . If you know you will want an upgrade then feel free to go there any time and purchase the upgrade.

In about a week I will post a new V4 that will enforce the cutoff date. If you do not qualify for the free upgrade it will let you know.

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