When loading a DXF file, MeshCAM says no geometry was loaded

MeshCAM support DXF files in two modes- 2D or 3D.

3D DXF files come in two types, 3D Meshes and 3DFaces. Of the two, MeshCAM only supports 3DFaces. DXF is a very complicated format so most CAD programs will give you tons of options; if you export your 3D objects with 3DFaces enabled then everything should load perfectly into MeshCAM.

If no 3D objects are found in your DXF file, MeshCAM will attempt to load it as a 2D DXF. When it does this it will look for closed loops/controus that it can extrude into a 3D object.

For 2D DXF files, MeshCAM only fully supports the R12 version of DXF. Again, most CAD programs will give you tons of DXF format options so just pick the “R12” version and it should work out just fine.

If you are getting the No Closed Contour or No geometry Loaded error then it means that MeshCAM tried both 3D and 2D and found nothing in the file that it was able to load. You’ll need to go into the DXF output options in your CAD program and set it to either 3DFaces for 3D files or R12 for 2D files and save the DXF again.