Can MeshCAM do Drilling?

Yes- under the CAM menu you can use the Drilling command to generate drilling toolpaths. This is a relatively new feature so it’s a work-in-progress that was made available in Version 5, Build 32.

The companion command to Drilling is the Cap Holes command. This command will generate additional surfaces to plug the holes in your part so the roughing and finishing toolpaths will not remachine holes that you have decided to drill.

If you prefer not to drill, it is possible to create holes in objects by profile-milling them. When MeshCAM finds a hole in your 3D model it will cut it using the endmill as long as the diameter of the mill is smaller than the diameter of the hole.

This will all be done without user input as long as waterline or pencil milling is enabled (preferrably both). More information can be found on the 2D machining page.