V9 Quick Flip Toolpath

on Thu, Jun 16, 2022 in Releases

Build 19 of Version 9 of MeshCAM adds a new “Quick Flip” job type to simplify the process of machining two sides of a model. It does this by enforcing a more rigid workflow for the user, but it also reduces the likelihood of mistakes.

Here’s a rough outline of the machining process:

  • Operation 1
    • Set the zero on the top plane of the stock in the center.
    • Face the top of the stock and cut around the perimeter to create a known reference point for Operation 2.
    • Add supports and cut the model normally with roughing and finishing toolpaths.
  • Operation 2
    • Flip the stock around the X axis.
    • Set the zero on the bottom plane of the stock, on the south-west corner.
    • Machine the model normally.

The most critical part of the process is the facing and peremeter cutting in Operation 1. By cutting the outside of the stock, you have a much better chance of keeping everything aligned for operation 2. How much needs to be removed from the top and the sides? Really, not much needs to be removed, just enough to cut away any inconsistencies in the surface. 1-2mm, .04-.08”, is a good starting point.

When you run the Quick Flip command, it will automatically set the stock size, the zero point, and add the facing and stock prep toolpaths. All you really need to do it add supports and the roughing and finishing toolpaths.

We’ll have a better document or video on this soon.

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