V9 Beta 1

on Sun, Jan 16, 2022 in Releases

We just uploaded MeshCAM V9, Build 1. If you bought MeshCAM after Feb 1, 2021 then this will be a free upgrade for you, just download MeshCAM V9 and use your existing license code to install it.

We’ll continue to update the list below as we upload new builds.

What’s new in V9?

  • Mac builds not have Retina enabled. Retina support means that OSX support won’t go back before 10.15 for MeshCAM V9, since Apple made some OpenGL changes around that time that require us to pick support for older version of OSX or Retina.
  • A number of commands have been made “modal”. The left pane that we’ve used for a long time started causing confusion where users don’t realize that there was an active command docked there. Newer commands use a more traditional floating window.
  • Select Machine command now allows you to enter your own machine configuration.
  • Pro version now loads STEP files directly. (Added in Build 4)
  • Lots of bug fixes and internal changes.
  • New support / tab command that allows more flexibility for where supports can be added. (Added in Build 9)
  • New Quick Flip job type. (Added in Build 19)

You can grab MeshCAM V9 here

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