Build 42- Better Cut Order

on Fri, Sep 20, 2013 in releases

I just uploaded a new build, number 43, with two big features: inside-out Waterline and Pencil Finishing and new code to make the Pencil Finishing cut direction match Waterline better. Inside-out cut ordering has been another highly-requested feature in the past year. The fact that this is such a common request reflects the growing use of MeshCAM for 2D work. Years ago I never would have anticipated MeshCAM being used for 2D work but it’s become very common.

Pencil and Waterline use two different algortihms to determine the cut order in this new build. The first reason for the difference is that each toolpath calculates different data while generating a toolpath and some of this can be reused to determine cut order without doing extra work. Second, and more importantly, this is actually a fairly difficult problem to figure out. There are strange cases that can be generated by seemingly normal CAD files that will end up with the wrong order. Using two algorithms in the field lets me find out which will be more reliable against real-world data.

If you have files that get incorrect cutting orders please send them over and I’ll see if I can improve the algorithm.

( And just to be clear, there is no checkbox or setting for the new behavior. All Waterline and Pencil toolpaths will use the new cut order. )

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