Build 41 - Keepout Regions

on Fri, Sep 13, 2013 in releases

By far, one of the most requested features in MeshCAM is a way to define a keep out region using the Set Machine Region command. If you’ve emailed me about this in the past I may have given you a few suggested workarounds but I never had a suitable answer other than, “It’s in progress.”

Thankfully, I’ll never have to give that reply again.

As of today, MeshCAM includes a new Set Machine Region window that gives you the option to define Keepout Regions just like you currently define Machining Regions.

This is a free upgrade for all V5 users at the MeshCAM download page.

Here’s how the new system works:

  • You can define one or more Machine Regions
  • If you do not define a Machine Region, MeshCAM will use the stock boundary or the geometry outline as the Machine Region
  • If two or more Machine Regions touch, overlap or nest within each other, they’ll be merged into a single region
  • You can define one or more Keepout Regions. Like Machine Regions, if they touch in any way they’ll be merged.
  • Keepout Regions take priority over Machine Regions. If a Machine Region is within a Keepout, it will be completely removed.

This feature required a number of deep changes to MeshCAM so it’s not inconceivable that there is a bug or two that I haven’t found. If you find a case where the regions are not handled properly, let me know.

Until then, here are some screenshots:

New Set Machine Region Window

Toolpath with Keepout Regions

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