Depth-First Waterline

on Fri, Jan 18, 2013 in development

I just finished uploading a new version of the MeshCAM, Build 34. This build adds one of the most requested features ever- depth-first waterline.

The existing waterline code would cut each slice of the part at a time before descending into the deeper parts of the model. This is safer than following a surface all the way down before cutting the current level but it led to much more rapid and retract time.

This new build adds a setting in waterline to control this behavior- Depth First or Level First toolpath linking. I think this is a huge improvement and it comes directly from the end-of-trial surveys that I have received.

This is a major internal change so I had to mark this as an expiring beta so it’s only good for 60 days. I need feedback on this feature so all time-limited betas will now enable the Customer Experience Program so that I know if this feature is being exercised by users. Once the expiration is removed, the CEP option will go back under your control.

To make room for the new setting in the toolpath panel, I hid the adaptive stepdown setting for waterline machining. Adaptive stepdown is likely to be removed from future versions.

Please let me know how the new waterline features work for you. Once I have this one “done” I have another really good upgrade waiting for you.

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