How to Disable Edge Rendering

on Wed, Jan 12, 2011 in development

I got my first complaint about the new edge rendering today and was asked to add a way to disable it in the next release. If you don’t like the edge rendering you can disable it now by creating a file called** init.lua** in c:\program files\meshcam4\scritps with the following line in it:


The init.lua file will be executed every time MeshCAM starts and that function call will disable the rendering. If you just wanted a quick way to turn it off occasionally, you can save this file to your desktop and then drag and drop it onto the MeshCAM window when you want to disable the edge rendering.

Also, if you haven’t done so there was a new release two days ago to speed up STL loading. The edge processing was not fast enough in the first release and that caused files with 500k triangles or more to hang.

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