New Server

on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 in development

If you’re reading this then I did my job correctly and you’re connected to a new web sever. While I had no major problems with my old web host, it was time to move on. They had a really funky and slow control panel that made simple changes very tedious. I had also been seeing random 10 minute outages. While 10 minutes here or there is not a big deal, I never knew if it was an outage on their end or if it was something specific to my site. They were never transparent about server status and their support was what one would expect from a standard shared hosting plan.

The forum is still on the old server until I know what to do with it. From a security point-of-view, it’s unlikely that I’ll be running anything like that on my main server ever again. VPS hosting is cheap and reverse proxies can hide the fact that you’re running multiple servers so why risk it?

I hope that you’ll find the new site to be faster and with fewer random outages. If you come across anything that’s broken, please send me an email and let me know. Right now the only problem that I know of right now is the video on the MeshCAM Art page.

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