Version 5 Released

on Mon, May 07, 2012 in releases

Version 5 is no longer a beta! I just posted a new release that eliminates all timeouts and enforces the license codes. If you bought MeshCAM or a V4 upgrade in the last year then you get Version 5 for free. If you have a code for MeshCAM Art then you’ll also get Version 5 for free. If you don’t qualify for a free upgrade then you can go to the upgrade page to get a discount on a V5 license.

This release also has new a new change to reduce memory use in the “Offsetting” stage of the toolpath calculation by up to 75%. This is obviously a huge improvement and it should go a long way to reduce out-of-memory errors that can occur when using MeshCAM in larger applications.

If you need a code to try the new release for 30 days then you can go to the download page to get one.

Let me know what you think.

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