V7 Build 7

on Tue, Feb 13, 2018 in software

I just uploaded MeshCAM 7, Build 7. This release continues the trend of each release of V7 changing the UI to try and work toward a system that is both clear for the user and a good foundation to build on going forward.

Build 7 contains a big update to the toolpath interface. It merges the old “Auto Toolpath” wizard and the Auto Toolpath option for Carbide 3D machines into a new toolpath workflow that should be a lot easier to work with. Be sure to run the “CAM->Select Machine” command to pick the machine that best matches yours so the speeds and feeds will be calculated correctly.

Build 7 also contains a brand new DXF parser so your 2D DXF files should import more reliably than ever before.

There’s lots left to do but Build 7 is a big step forward. Let me know what you think.

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