MeshCAM V7

on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 in

The time has come for a new version of MeshCAM, Version 7. (And it’s going to be a free upgrade for anyone who has a valid V6 license)

Here’s what’s planned:

  • New User Interface
  • Changes to licensing
  • New tool path strategies (Pro)

The UI in MeshCAM V6 has become difficult to maintain. The transition to a Windows and OS X program went really well overall, but there were always little quirks that affected one platform, and not the other. These quirks were almost impossible to eliminate because they were buried deep within a third-party library. Instead of fighting this forever, more and more of the UI will be moved into the 3D rendering system, which is much easier to maintain and make consistent between platforms.

The licensing system will have the following changes (as of right now. Everything could change as this release takes shape):

  • Owners of a Carbide 3D Nomad CNC machine will no longer need an activation code to use MeshCAM. Nomad users will also be upgraded to MeshCAM Pro.
  • All users will have the ability to save multiple tool paths into single file. (Previously a Pro feature)

Finally, MeshCAM will begin to get more traditional 2D tool path added to give users more control. The first version of this, the Contour toolpath, is working in minimal way right now. Once it’s better tested, more toolpath types will be added. These new toolpath will probably end up in the Pro version.

The first beta release should be ready to upload in a week or two with the new UI and the license changes. The first few releases will be a little wonky as the UI is transitioned, but I think it will take shape quickly and it’ll turn out to be a big win in the long term.

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